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Friday, March 26, 2010

Elizabeth Cotten

An amazin woman!! My favourite blues singer, hands down. Her voice and playing are unique and quite possibly one of the most expressive sound in blues. Elizabeth Cotten's story is worth some reading (google is your friend) and her music is, well, worth a few thousand listens. No words can describe it. There's this myspace page, you can give it a listen, but whatever, just download this, no matter what are your musical preferences. Trust me. Everybody has to hear her.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Burning Star Core - The Very Heart of the World

As promised, some more Burning Star Core. This release is different. The frist two tracks are more eclectic, with occassional drumming, more varied violin-effects, sometimes in a dark ambient vein, but mostly just very psychedelic, trance-inducing. Third track "Benjamin" in more along the lines of "Amelia" and "Nyarlathotep" (mm, Lovecraft) is just a bunch of weird noises and modulated human voice.
More to come? Possibly. He has some more good stuff, from the eclectic style.

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Burning Star Core - Amelia

A guy with the name C. Spencer Yeh can't do wrong. Especially if he's working in the field of (mostly) improvised noise and is holding a violin in his hand. His musical output is impossible to keep track of. Too much releases on too much underground labels. Whatever. Let's just stick to nice and cosy tip of the iceberg here. This is a CDr/10" release, featuring three tracks, displaying mostly the minimalistic drone-electronics sound of his project (there are other sides as well, to be featured in following posts). "Supersonic Woman" is spacey ambient, "Homing Pigeon" (Worms is all I think of...) is a mish-mash of weird sounds, always reminds me of being inside a ship, by the way, all that crackling and waving and cockroaches chewing their way through the wood. Then there's the lengthy "Point of Departure etc", which is almost like a Reich composition.

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dragonauta - Cabramacabra

Yet another doomy greatness!! This time from Argentina, singing in their native Spanish and kicking ass the stoner way. I highly reccomend this album becaue it doesn't represent your standard stoner sound, but offers a unique way of smokin' and rockin'. And great songwriting skills! Not a single unneeded sound, everything HAS to be there, each riff, each break, each solo. Great vocals. Get it, I'm not capable of writing a better overview right now. Believe me, this is great shit.

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Monday, March 8, 2010

PAROM - На краю

This record is a real hit, out of the blue. More precisely - out of Minsk, Belarus. These guys mix bluesy stoner rock with some hardcore, throw in some saxophone and other tasty things here or there. I seriously didn't expect "На краю"/"On the Edge" to be so fuckin cool. Energetic, raw, non-trivial music. Lyrics are mostly shouted in a hardcore manner, there are some gang vocals, more standard up-beat rock singing... Get this. You can also download it from their myspace's blog. Even if you don't like the previews, get the album, it works better when listened to as a whole. The songs just flow into each other. And the opening track, which is probably my personal favourite, is not featured on myspace. So. Go.
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Monday, March 1, 2010

Lord Vicar - Fear No Pain

This post only needs one tag: Doom. Or maybe I should tag it twice: Doom, Doom. Yeah, that's what I'm doing. Because Lord Vicar is all about doom. In that good old traditional way. A tradition that never existed before its own revival. Whatever. Slow heavyness, epic vocals (not in the power metal sense), the way it's supposed to be.
And this is a supergroup. Now, I don't usually like supergroups, but in this case, all members are just supposed to do what they are the best at: doom. This album is a masterpiece. Timeless in that "stuck in the 70's, remastered to fit current 'trends' or tastes" way. I'll just tag it once again, I hope blogspot allows multiple-tag-repeats.

Edit: Damn you!, blogspot, for not allowing multiple uses of the same tag. DOOM.

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