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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Creature with the Atom Brain - Transylvania

Here's a feel-good record for you all. This is easy-going stoner rock with various "alternative" overtones plus a touch of retro by Millionaire's guitarist, who also was in Mark Lanegan Band. Oh, and the first album of the project featured Lanegan on one of the tracks. Musically it's somewhere between Millionaira (what a surprise), Brian Jonestown Massacre ("The Color of Sundown" even uses the same chords as BJM's "Servo"...), The Dandy Warhols (chorused vocals), some Eagles of Death Metal, but with a more polished aesthetic. Some songs drift into other territories as well, callwords include "gothic Americana", "new country" etc. Might not be a challenging, original and ground-breaking record, but it's a) professional, b) good, c) that's all.

As Light Dies - Ars Subtilior From Within The Cage

Not the stuff you usually see here (because the stuff you usually see here is ABSCENCE get it -snort snort-). This is progressive gothic metal, or something along those lines.They mix a whole lot of styles. Complex songs, dramatic vocal delivery (male clean & growl, female clean sometimes), violins. But not in your usual "gothicslash folk metal" way when the violin is just used to repeat a simple catchy melody from time to time. No. As Light Dies, and G-d blesss 'em for it, use the violin as a real instrument. Way to go!

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Carrion Wraith - Carrion Wraith

Nature, insanity, darkness.

Oh, I still have to write some introduction thing. Monarque's project, blah-blah, you prob'ly already know this better then me. Carrion Wraith is probably one of the best black metal records for me. It's an ALBUM, with fairly consistent material, great vocals, nice warm production (it's raw, but not br00tal and noisey), nice acoustic passages, etc. Get it, it's a great listen!

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The Devil's Blood - Come, Reap EP

Long time, no posts. Sorry guys... I had/have all kinds of computer & internet access problems, work, study, you know the drill. Right now I'm exploiting my girlfriend's fast broadband connection, so here's a quick one, the total 70's worship "occult rock" EP by The Devil's Blood. It's all epic riffs, driving beats, choruses, with a dark atmosphere and sometimes a nifty touch of kitsch. Not the kind of thing I usually go for, but this 5-song record is a masterpiece. Great compositions, catchy melodies, a nice female voice; music reaching straight-ahead rock songs to more psychedelic jams (e.g. closer "Voodoo Dust", a 10-minute monster). Hard rock has never been so soft. It's a pity their 2009 full-length kinda sucks, it's just mehh, lame and bland.

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